Welcome to my crazy world!

Welcome to my new blog, Munch Madness!

I am a 41 year old wife, mom, photographer, paraeducator, and college student, who just wants to be happy, travel, sleep in, win the lottery and look good in a bathing suit.

Our family consists of  my husband, Joe, my daughters, Charlie and Frankie, myself and our crazy animals!31764746_10211360199865029_2154312289518354432_n

Joe, my husband of 20 years, is bearded, funny, and prepared for all of life’s disasters.  He co-owns a tile setting business, he’s a city councilman, volunteer and jack of all trades.  Thank goodness he is handy…..because our house is a 70 year old money pit.

Charlie is my oldest daughter.  She is 16.  She is the super-awesome lead singer of band, called the Ledd Peppers, plays soccer, volunteers and is hilariously funny!  She has a pun for all occasions!  29573128_10211157934048510_3957775092553857175_n

Frankie is my youngest daughter.  She is 14.  She is an amazing artist, plays soccer and volleyball, and loves all things regarding fashion and social media!  She has a meme for all occasions!

Sammy is our very funny, very fat golden retriever/husky mix.  She is currently shedding like crazy at this moment, so everyone that comes into our house is greeted with dog hair and a disclaimer that “the house is full of hair, we just vacuumed, and whatever you do, don’t sit on the couch!”

Midnight is one of our cats.  He is about 8 years old.  He is crazy…..not kidding.  If he was a person, he would be Wednesday, from the Addams Family.

Benny is our other cat.  He is very sweet and ornery.  He is favorite pastime is sneaking in our bedroom, when we are sleeping, running across our bed and launching off our bellies.

Anyway….welcome to our crazy world.


1 thought on “Welcome to my crazy world!

  1. Thanks for sharing!


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