Hello Again!

So much has happened since the last time I blogged!  School got out, I turned 42, had my 21st wedding anniversary, my kids are BUSY, I am busy with the studio and homework, Joe is busy with our attic renovation and making some big life changes.  LOTS OF BUSY!

Do you all live a crazy life, life we do?  Something that we realized in the last few weeks is that we are not spending enough quality time as a family.  Yes…we are together a lot.  No…we don’t make the best of that time and honestly we are not having much fun TOGETHER.  So we got out the calendar and starting planning family fun, with Sunday’s designated as Family Fun Day!  So far we have had two family fun days!  The first one was Joe’s choice and we went boating with friends.  It was awesome!  Thanks Wiggins family!  The second one was my pick and I chose to renovate the backyard.

Now…renovating the backyard may seem like work and not fun, but it was both!  We each got $50 to spend at At Home.  Then Sunday after church we went to work making magic happen!!!  See before’s, in-between’s, and after’s below!

Here are the before’s.  Our ugly garage, our nasty green shutters and awning, our weed infested fire pit, the terrifying log/stick pile, and the sad looking patio area (BTW…Joe made that awesome table for me a few years ago!).

The in-between’s!   Frankie brightening up our depressing shutters, Charlie getting creative on the garage, Sammy, the best guard dog ever (just kidding, she’s the worst guard dog), some weird white blobs we found….are they mushrooms or snake eggs? (we did surgery to find out….mushrooms).  Our paint selection from Menards, and the rotten, scary log that had 2 garter snakes, 1 baby bull snake and multiple, very large spiders in it!  Ugh…to think we have been sitting on that thing!

And then the after’s!  We love our new backyard!  We invited our friends, the Nelson’s over and enjoyed the view and some s’mores.  We are excited that we can now enjoy our backyard, instead of avoiding it.

Our family fun day was full of sweat, laughter, snakes, HUGE spiders, country music and family fun!  Next Sunday….Frankie’s choice.  Excited to see where she takes us!

Feel free to leave a comment!  I would love to hear from you!

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